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Daily Bible Reading (Tuesday, May 16th)

May 16, 2017 3 Comments

Posted in: Daily Bible Reading


John Gardner

May 16, 2017

I'm surprised that the eunuch was able to possess or use a private copy of Isaiah. I would think that would be a rare thing indeed.

Noah Tiemeyer

May 16, 2017

There is a bunch of really awesome stuff going on in this chapter, I agree with Josiah in saying that the fact that Philip got teleported was really cool. I also thought it was interesting that this chapter seems to contrast so much with the one before it. Stephen just got murdered and believers are being persecuted everywhere, yet this chapter seems to be marked by amazement and joy, not sadness and fear. The gospel is going out and people are getting saved, that is reason for joy and amazement. The Spirit continues to save and build the church despite any opstical that stands in His way. I am Glad the spirit that was working in Acts is the same spirit that we have in us today.

Josiah Lowe

May 16, 2017

How powerfully the Holy Spirit works in His people! I have always enjoyed the story of Philip and the Ethiopian. After reading it again, I noticed something I had not previously noticed or remembered, that Philip was miraculously transported by the Holy Spirit! I wonder what that experience was like! It is so cool to read about the amazing miracles performed by the Holy Spirit in the early church. Even though similar miracles might not be witnessed in today's church, the Holy Spirit still continues to perform miracles, namely, the transformation of a sinner's heart.

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